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Vegan Hacks: 5 Quick And Delicious Meals

6 October 2020
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Sometimes the last thing we think about in our busy lives is making sure we’re staying fueled throughout the day. It can seem impossible to make sure we’re getting the kind of whole foods plant-based meals we need, especially on days when your calendar doesn’t seem to have any free space left. At times like this, we look to our favorite foodie option – quick and easy meals that are entirely plant-based!

We made a list of some of our absolute favorite vegan meals using top Right Foods products that we can’t get enough of. These are our top picks for full of flavor meals to keep you going all day long – and all of these recipes can be made under 30 minutes!

Check them out and let us know which ones are your faves by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook! Let’s get started:

1. Sweet and Spicy Ramen

Sweet and Spicy Ramen Bowl by @plantifullybased

Can’t decide if you’re feeling a little sweet, or maybe a little spicy? Now you don’t have to choose! A recipe we’re really loving is @plantifullybased’s Sweet and Spicy Ramen Bowl. She turned our vegan chicken ramen into a new recipe classic with some amazing ingredients featuring baked tofu, garlic, chilies and green onion and sesame seeds.

There’s also a hint of maple syrup to give you an amazing sweet and spicy sensation – perfect for ultimate flavor in little time!

2. Buddha Bowl

Black Bean Buddha Bowl

When you’re really stuck in your busy routine and need a quick boost, buddha bowls are your perfect snack! Buddha bowls are usually assembled ingredient bowls filled with energy boosting ingredients.

While the big focus is arrangement for these beautiful bowls, the secondary purpose is to keep you fueled all day long using a variety of vegetables, fruits, grains and vegan-friendly proteins. Focus on giving you a quick burst of energy to help you get through your day and feel full. You can make them sweet, salty, savory or spicy – whatever flavor you’re feeling!

We recommend our Black Bean Buddha Bowl recipe – it’s packed with tons of savory flavors and all you have to do is throw it together in tupperware when you’re on the move, or in a bowl at the end of the day.

3. Vegan Meatballs

Vegan Lentil Soup Meatballs by Jasmine Briones

Move over meat – vegan substitutes are here! Eating plant-based doesn’t mean you have to skip out on some of your favorite classic meals and tastes . With a little creativity, you can even create meals that typically call for meat as the main protein!

In fact, using vegan substitutes over meat for food filling has shown to have substantially less fat, zero cholesterol, and the fiber which you cannot get from real meat. A prime example is @sweetsimplevegan’s Lentil Soup Meatball recipe.

Using our French Lentil RTS soup, she made a completely vegan spin on a timeless meal with all the same flavor.

4. Chip Dip

Split Pea Soup Hummus

Grab your veggies, chips and crackers – it’s dippin’ time! Nothing hits the spot for a quick snack like dip, and one made out of plant-based ingredients is a much healthier alternative than typical store-bought dips filled with sodium and fats.

And so many of our own products are versatile and can be converted into dips with a little mashing and blending. Take our Split Pea Soup cup – we turned it into a super savory hummus recipe that we literally cannot stop eating once it’s in front of us.

5. Vegan Tacos

A quick but delicious hack that might be one of our all-time favorites! Similar to meat substitutes, vegan tacos are substantially healthier than regular tacos. Meat filled with oils and unhealthy fats can be replaced by vegetables, grains, or our personal favorite, black beans!

We made a game-changing taco recipe using our black bean & lime soup cups, thickened to fill the inside of each shell and packed with tons of flavor. And the best part – serve for a sit-down meal or take on-the-go! These tacos are portioned perfectly for any occasion.

Which of these vegan recipes are your favorite for a quick treat? Let us know which ones you’re going to try out, or if you have any of your own that we have to try!

And if you’re looking for any more quick kitchen inspo, you can check out our full recipe list on our site at any time!

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