Mexican Street Corn Pizza with Black Bean Crust

Mexican Vegan Street Corn Pizza is a unique  twist on traditional pizza, offering a fusion of flavors. To make this pizza, begin by crafting a unique pizza crust using Right Foods Black Bean & Lime Soup, chickpea flour, and a flax egg. This crust is not only packed with protein but also carries a distinct flavor profile thanks to the black beans and a subtle hint of lime in the soup. Once the dough is mixed, it's rolled out and baked until it achieves a perfect crispy texture, providing a sturdy foundation for the toppings.

Mexican Street Corn Pizza with Black Bean Crust

While the crust bakes, get ready to prepare the toppings, which are carefully selected to complement the flavors of the black bean crust. A creamy corn sauce is created by blending fresh corn kernels with non-dairy milk until smooth and velvety. Additionally, a tangy vegan "cotija" cheese is crafted by crumbling tofu and combining it with lime juice, adding a delightful tanginess to the pizza. To add a kick of heat, jalapenos are sliced thinly, while sweet corn and fragrant cilantro bring in sweetness and freshness to the mix,  respectively.

Black Bean and Lime Soup Cup

Once all the toppings are prepared, they are artfully arranged over the baked crust and the pizza is returned to the oven to cook until golden and bubbling. Finally, a finishing touch of vegan yogurt drizzle for added creaminess and a sprinkle of chili powder for a touch of spice completes the pizza, making it look and taste delicious.

The beauty of this Vegan Street Corn Pizza recipe lies in its versatility. Whether it is enjoyed as a comforting weeknight dinner, a crowd-pleasing appetizer at gatherings, or a special weekend indulgence, this pizza is sure to please. Its bold flavors and satisfying textures make it a standout dish that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who tries it. A creative twist on a classic dish, Street Corn Pizza is sure to become a new family favorite.

In addition to its delicious taste, Vegan Street Corn Pizza also offers health benefits that make it a smart choice for any meal. Packed with protein from the black bean crust and vitamins from the fresh corn and cilantro, this pizza provides a nutritious and satisfying option that leaves you feeling energized and satisfied.

Vegan Street Corn Pizza

Furthermore, by using plant-based ingredients and omitting oil from the recipe, Vegan Street Corn Pizza is not only good for your health but also for the planet. Choosing to enjoy plant-based meals like this pizza helps reduce your carbon footprint and support sustainable food practices, making it a win-win for both your taste buds and the environment.

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Vegan Street Corn Pizza

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In conclusion, Vegan Street Corn Pizza offers a delightful culinary experience that showcases the vibrant flavors of Mexican street corn in pizza form. From its protein-rich black bean crust to its creamy corn sauce and tangy vegan "cotija" cheese, every element of this pizza is comes together to result in a delicious, healthy and vegan meal. With its bold flavors, satisfying textures, and healthful ingredients, it's a dish that everyone can enjoy and feel good about. Try this today and Don't forget to share your creations with us @rightfoods!