Sweet Potato and Kale Ramen

Super easy and super delicious! We paired our vegan chicken ramen with baked kale and sweet potato cubes for the perfect hearty lunch.

This ramen bowl is completely vegan – is that a thing, and can vegan ramen be good? Absolutely. Learn all about vegan ramen here.

Sweet Potato and Kale Ramen

We're using a cup of Right Foods vegan chicken ramen for this recipe. It's made with steamed, not fried, organic noodles, and it's non-GMO and oil-free.

Prepare your cup of ramen, then bake chopped kale, sweet potato and garlic seasoned with red chili flakes, salt, pepper and lemon juice. Add the roasted veggies into your bowl of ramen and enjoy!

Vegan Chicken Ramen

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