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2.0 ( 1 Customer Reviews )

Right Foods Vegan

Asian Noodles Teriyaki Soup Cup

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Reviews of Right Foods Asian Noodles Teriyaki Soup Cup

2.0 ( 1 Customer Reviews )
  1. William Christ
    William Christ

    Terrible reorganization of your website! Hard to set up orders! How stupid of you to change what worked so well – looks like you did it for YOUR advantage as salespeople and not for your customers’ ease of ordering!

    • Carolyn Vinnicombe
      Carolyn Vinnicombe

      Hi William,

      Thank you for your patience as we update our site, the original site needed to be updated especially for our mobile customers. Rest assured, the customer experience is our top priority. If you take a moment to tell us specifically what you liked about the original site that you do not feel exists on the present site, we will take your feedback into consideration and optimize. We appreciate your help!

      Thank you,

      The Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods Team

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