How Much Salt is “Too Much” Salt?

We’re not afraid to admit it: we’re experts when it comes to soups. When it comes to the medical field: we leave that to the capable hands of Dr. McDougall

However, we appreciate a well balanced diet just as much as the next person. Many people are starting to pay closer attention (more so now than ever before) to their health, and are beginning to question the impact of sodium, specifically.  

Here, we’re turning to the real health experts (sup doc) about sodium (aka salt) and answering some of your common questions like,”how much salt is healthy” and “how much salt is too much salt?” 

How much salt is too much salt

Am I Eating Too Much Salt? Am I Eating Enough?

Did you know that sodium is found in practically everything that you eat and drink? Yep. Fact. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

Your body can’t survive without at least a little bit of salt. 

Sodium is used to transmit nerve impulses, contract and relax muscles in your heart and blood vessels, and maintain a healthy fluid balance. But, it doesn’t take much to do this. 

Some people ask “am I getting enough sodium?” and the answer, according to the American Heart Association, is:probably. According to the FDA, most people are getting more than enough salt in their diet (exceeding the recommended 2,300 milligrams per day) because many of the popular foods in our diets are already loaded with the stuff. 

So, how much sodium is actually recommended by doctors and health experts?

What is the Recommended Daily Sodium Intake?

According to the American Heart Association, the ideal daily sodium intake is around 1,500 milligrams a day, for most adults. 

Apparently, the average American consumes more than 3,400 milligrams of sodium each day- much more than recommended by the AHA. The fact is, most of us are probably eating too much salt by accident, simply because we’re not paying attention to the nutrition label. 

In a recent study by the American Heart Association, one-third of participants weren’t able to give an estimate on how much salt they thought they were eating in a day. More than half of the study participants thought that they were eating less than the recommended amount of sodium. That was not the case. Moral of the story: read the nutrition label before you indulge. You might be surprised how much salt is hiding in your mid-day pick-me-up.

Also, pay attention to the serving size on the nutrition label. If the portion equals two servings, that means that you’re actually eating twice the amount listed. 

If you are experiencing a medical condition or other special dietary restriction, talk to your doctor to get an idea of the kinds of foods you should be loving and the ones you should be leaving.

How much salt is too much salt


Adding *Flavor* Without Adding Sodium

We eat more soup than anyone you know- guaranteed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a big plate of vegan taquitos or kimchi ramen noodle soup stir fry (IYKYK) we just can’t get enough. And every time we heat up a new recipe, we do what every true foodie does: season the heck out of it. 

But even though our low-sodium soups are more flavorful than most, that doesn’t mean that they’re more salty. Quite the opposite in fact. Around here, we practice the art of adding flavor and diversity without loading up on salt. 

Here’s a not-so-secret secret: our instant, on-the-go soups contain less salt per ounce than the leading brands of instant soups. This means that you can slurp up an entire bowl (or three) of our flavorful, rich broth without getting that “too-full” feeling from eating too much salt. 

Check out our entire selection of lower sodium soups!

Here are a few of our favorite soup recipes that provide instant flavor and satisfaction, minus the sodium overload:

Vegan Lentil Bolognese

This quick and fun recipe provides that rich flavor of a traditional bolognese, without the sodium and meat. Our Organic Lower Sodium French Lentil Soup has 50% less sodium than the top competitor, so you can kiss those overly salty lentils goodbye. Win/win in our books! 

You can make this with regular pasta, or go the gluten-free noodle route. Either way, this low-sodium dish is guaranteed to become a favorite after just one bite. 

Spicy Split Pea Soup

This ~spicy~ recipe serves-up a creative twist on an old childhood staple. You’ll probably like this rendition of pea soup a little more than mom’s so go ahead and stock up on the Organic Lower Sodium Split Pea Soup boxes to have on hand for those nights when cooking an elaborate meal just isn’t going to happen. 

If you’re worried about eating too much salt, don’t be! This easy soup recipe will soothe your soul without sending you into a salt coma.

Spicy Split Pea Soup

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Easy Vegan Chicken Ramen

If you’re looking for an easy vegan recipe that fulfills your warm soup cravings- but has less sodium than what you’d usually find in an already-prepared soup- look no further! With considerably less salt than the leading brands and much more flavor than you could ever imagine, this low-sodium recipe will be going into your recipe box for sure. 

Have you tried any of the recipes above? We’d love to know how it went, so leave us a comment below so we can see what you thought!

Pro-chef level, low-sodium soups, here we come.

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