Cuban Black Bean Soup

This jazzed up soup cup recipe makes this a perfect on the go meal that feels homemade and fresh.

Our already nourishing soup cups are vegan and low in sodium. Adding fresh tomatoes and a hint of cumin turns this cup into a hearty Cuban meal.  





Dr. McDougall's Cuban Black Bean Soup
Ready In Less Than 10 Minutes!

Our individual Black Bean and Lime Soup Cups are ready to eat in 5 minutes. By mixing in paprika and cumin and then topping with fresh ingredients this soup is taken to the next level of comforting and healthy. Maybe you are craving some picadillo or ropa vieja with their bright flavors, but these traditional Cuban menu items take hours of labor to arrive at their intoxicating flavour. Dr.McDougall’s did the cooking for you, from scratch, using whole ingredients, and never GMO (we are certified non- genetically modified organism free).

All that is required for Dr.McDougall’s Organic Lower Sodium Black Bean RTS Soup to be cooked is a little hot water, stir and let it sit! For a thicker soup, you can add a little less water. For this recipe we recommend adding the specified amount on the package. Since you will be adding so many lovely toppings to the soup base, it will be easier to mix things in if the soup is the proper and recommended consistency.

If you have 3-5 minutes before you leave the house to put your toppings together, when it is meal time all you need is 5 minutes to cook your soup and have a satisfying and delicious meal. This is by far one of the quickest and healthiest meals-to-go anywhere.

Dance With Us To Cuba!
Guess we could have said Danzon’ with us to Cuba! Since that is really the way. However, besides the dance and music, Cuba has a vibrant food culture as peoples from Spain, France, Africa, and Haiti migrated and settled here.

Bright colors, big laughs, and spicy music are what many people associate with the feel of Cuba. Walking down the famous Avenida de Maceo, a large road in the Habana neighborhood your senses are intoxicated with the smells of cooking. What do we smell? Peppers roasting, cumin being toasted and crushed, paprika being powdered, lime squeezed, cilantro growing in flower boxes, sauteing onions and garlic! Tantalizing flavors of the neighborhood.

Ah but with the flavors there is one thing that traditional cooking and Dr. McDougall’s do not have in common. And that is the oil. Dr. McDougall’s products are always oil free. We steam, roast, and char instead of adding the traditional lard and oil ever present in Cuban foods. No lard ever! Our foods are vegan and always plant based for optimal flavor. This makes it low in fat, and so much better for you to eat everyday!

Cuban Black Bean Soup


A Feel Good Meal

Feeling rundown and just cannot fathom cooking yourself a meal after a hectic afternoon or long day? Eating a Dr. McDougall’s meal is a great choice for your body and the environment. Our ready to go recipes are full of protein, low in sodium, oil free, and always vegan. 

We package our items in paper products sourced from sustainably managed forests. This means sustainable packaging practices that you can feel good about. Things are hectic now, and we know you care about so many things. Let us take a few worries off your plate so you can get the things done that matter to you everyday! 

We believe that there are so many great reasons to eat our meals regularly. To have a calming and power-packed soup after a workout to amp up your hard work. To save more moments for connecting with those you love by cutting out the hours of cooking required to make a bowl of hearty and healthy black bean soup with all the trimmings. To simplify life and feel good about it…easy and quick doesn’t need to come at the expense of your health goals!

We keep our soups low in sodium so that you can be the judge of how much salt you want in your diet. Please always taste your meal before adding extra salt -you can always add, but you cannot take away. We think we’ve done a great job of seasoning our meals. Taste it for yourself,  we’re sure you’ll love it!


Cuban Black Bean Soup


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