Black Bean Quinoa Chili by Lenny Wu of @vegamelon

Nothing quite comforts the soul like a hearty bowl of chili! This delicious bowl is seasoned with just the right blend of spices and everything nice. 

Thank you Lenny, @vegamelon, for this perfect chili recipe.

Black Bean Quinoa Chili by Lenny Wu of @vegamelon

Black beans, quinoa, and tomatoes are flavored with garlic, spicy peppers, and a blend of seasonings. This meal is hearty and filling, perfect for when you want a warm bowl of comfort.

Add some steamed veggies on the side to make this bowl even more nutritious! This recipe uses Dr. McDougall's Black Bean Quinoa Salad, which we no longer carry, but you can use our black bean soup + quinoa instead.

Every Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods product is vegan, made with whole foods ingredients, certified Non-GMO, and made with paper packaging from certified sustainably-managed forests. 

Organic Lower Sodium Black Bean Soup

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