Vegan Sesame Chicken Noodles

So easy and so delicious! We made a savory bowl of our vegan sesame chicken rice noodles and pumped it up with sautéed tofu, chopped garlic, radishes and bean sprouts.

Every Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods product is vegan, made with whole foods ingredients, certified Non-GMO, and made with paper packaging from certified sustainably-managed forests. 

Vegan Sesame Chicken Noodles

Perfectly seasoned, this tasty nutritious meal is sure to become a staple for work or quick weeknight dinners. Our Vegan Sesame Chicken Rice Ramen Soup Cup has gluten-free rice noodles and delicious, savory seasoning.

Start by preparing your sesame chicken noodle cup according to package instructions. Then, heat vegetable broth and add tofu and garlic, cooking until broth is absorbed.

Add in noodles to absorb the flavor, then top with sliced radish, bean sprouts and cilantro. Enjoy! 

Vegan Sesame Chicken Rice Ramen Soup Cup

If you made this recipe and are pleased with how yours turned out, leave a few stars down below and tell us how we did. Or snap a picture and tag us on Instagram so we can see your masterpiece for ourselves!

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